Double glazing is popular for its energy efficiency and insulation properties. However, over time, issues such as condensation, misting, glass damage, and moisture may cause issues with your windows.

misted double glazing windows

This blog aims to address common questions related to double glazing repairs and provide insights into resolving condensation issues, extending the lifespan of uPVC double glazing, glass replacement options, and the possibility of regassing double glazed windows. With the expertise of professional window repair experts, we explore the great reasons to choose repair over replacement and the importance of maintaining high-quality double glazing.

  1. Why do I get so much condensation on the inside of my double-glazed windows?

Condensation on the inside of double-glazed windows can develop over time. It occurs when warm moist air comes into contact with the cold glass surface. The double glazing acts as a thermal barrier, causing the moisture to condense on the inside pane. Excessive condensation could be a sign of a broken or faulty seal, allowing moisture to penetrate the unit. Proper diagnosis by a professional double glazing repair specialist is crucial to identify the root cause and determine the most appropriate solution.

2. How do you fix condensation and moisture between double-pane windows?

Fixing condensation and moisture between double-pane windows requires professional intervention. Double glazing repair services specialize in addressing these issues effectively. Depending on the severity and cause of the condensation, repair options may include resealing the unit, replacing the seal, or even replacing the entire window if necessary. Skilled technicians assess the situation and provide tailored solutions to ensure the elimination of condensation and restore the integrity of the double glazing.

3. What is the lifespan of uPVC double glazing?

The lifespan of uPVC double glazing largely depends on various factors, including the quality of the materials, installation, and maintenance. On average, high-quality uPVC double glazing can last for 20 to 35 years. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating moving parts, can help extend the lifespan. However, if issues such as condensation, broken seals, or damaged glass occur, timely double glazing repairs can effectively address these problems and further extend the lifespan of the windows.

4. Can you just replace glass in double-glazed windows?

Yes, it is possible to replace the glass in double-glazed windows. If the glass is damaged, cracked, or has failed, experts can replace the glass while retaining the existing window frame and seals. This cost-effective solution allows you to restore the functionality and energy efficiency of your windows without the need for complete window replacement. Replacing the glass in double-glazed windows is a common repair technique that can significantly extend the lifespan and performance of your windows.

5. Can double-glazed windows be regassed?

Re-gassing double-glazed windows involves injecting a specialized gas, typically argon, between the panes to enhance insulation and energy efficiency. However, regassing is not a common repair option. If the double-glazed windows have lost their gas fill, it usually indicates a seal failure. In such cases, the most effective solution is to address the seal issue and restore the window’s insulation properties. Our double glazing repair services specialize in diagnosing and repairing seal failures, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.


Double glazing repairs are essential for addressing common issues such as condensation, broken glass, or the need for re-gassing. To fix condensation and moisture between double-pane windows, it is advisable to seek professional services from experts like Sussex Glazing Solutions. Regular maintenance, ventilation, and prompt repairs contribute to extending the lifespan of uPVC double glazing. When it comes to specific problems like broken glass, replacing only the glass is a cost-effective option. Re-gassing is also possible to restore the energy efficiency of double-glazed windows. By relying on professional double glazing repair services, such as those provided by a ‘glass Doctor’ such as ourselves, you can ensure high-quality repairs, increased energy efficiency, and the long-term durability of your double-glazed windows and doors.

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