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We provide professional Double Glazing repairs throughout Brighton and Hove and across Sussex.
From condensation between the panes to blown double glazing or misted patio doors.

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Blown Double Glazing?

misted double glazing windows

misted double glazing windows

Misted Patio Doors?

blown double glazing french patio doors

blown double glazing french patio doors

Condensation between the panes?

condensation in double glazing window

Professional window repair service for Brighton and Hove

The entire functioning, security, and aesthetic appeal of your house depend on the quality of your windows. Windows may eventually need to be repaired to solve a number of problems, including deterioration, broken mechanisms, and inadequate insulation. In order to guarantee that your double glazing in Brighton and Hove and throughout Sussex are in excellent condition, we offer a full professional window repair service solution. We have a great deal of expertise with typical issues including misted double glazing, condensation between the panes, the need to re-gas double glazing, or patio door issues.

Full-Service Double Glazed Window Repairs

Window repairs are essential for addressing a variety of problems that may compromise the functionality and lifetime of your windows. Our expert double glazing repair services in Brighton and Hove and throughout Sussex are experts at identifying and successfully resolving these issues. From condensation between the panes, to the need for re-gassing with argon, misted windows or blown double glazing can all be remedied with our glazing services and solutions.

For other window repairs, we can also help. For your house to remain secure, window locks are crucial. Professional repair services can inspect and fix window locks that are broken or malfunctioning, making sure that your windows are secure and giving you piece of mind. The smooth opening and closing of windows is made possible by window hinges. Hinge wear and tear over time might make them difficult to use. Window hinges may be examined and repaired by qualified specialists, restoring their performance and enabling simple window operation.

Condensation that forms between the glass panes causes misted double glazing, which reduces insulating effectiveness and impairs sight. By exchanging the damaged unit, repair organisations that specialise in glazing can resolve this problem and restore clarity and insulation.

5 Benefits of Fixing Blown or Misted Double Glazing: Cost-Effective Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency


Blown or misted double glazing occurs when the seal between the glass panes fails, leading to condensation or fog formation inside the unit. While this may seem like a significant issue, opting for professional repair instead of replacement can offer a range of benefits.

1. Restoring Energy Efficiency:

One of the primary benefits of fixing blown or misted double glazing is the restoration of energy efficiency. When the seal fails, the insulating properties of the double glazing are compromised, leading to heat loss during winters and heat gain during summers. By repairing the damaged unit, the seal is restored, creating an effective barrier against temperature transfer. This helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment while reducing the reliance on heating and cooling systems, ultimately leading to potential energy savings.

2. Cost-effectiveness:

Compared to replacing the double glazing entirely, fixing blown or misted windows is a more affordable option. The cost of repairing the broken seal is reduced overall since it takes less time and labour to do. Additionally, homeowners may save the costs of buying and installing brand-new double glazing systems by opting for repair rather than replacement. Repair is a desirable choice for individuals seeking to improve the functionality of their windows while keeping costs in check because of its affordability.

3. Quick and Convenient Solution:

Repairing blown or misted double glazing is a relatively quick and convenient process. Skilled technicians can assess the extent of the damage and replace the affected unit efficiently, minimizing disruption to your daily routine. Compared to the process of replacing an entire window, repair offers a faster turnaround time, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of restored double glazing sooner.

4. Eco-Friendly Approach:

Opting for repair instead of replacement contributes to environmental sustainability. By repairing the damaged double glazing, you reduce waste and promote a greener approach. Manufacturing new double glazing units consumes significant energy and resources. Repairing existing units helps conserve materials and reduces carbon footprint, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

5. Preserving Aesthetics and Property Value:

Fixing blown or misted double glazing preserves the aesthetic appeal of your windows and maintains the overall value of your property. Rather than having mismatched or visibly replaced windows, repair ensures that your windows maintain their original appearance. This is especially important for maintaining the curb appeal of your home or business and ensuring a cohesive visual impression.


Cost Savings of up to 70%!

The cost savings associated with fixing blown or misted double glazing compared to replacement can be substantial. While the exact amount saved depends on various factors such as the size and number of affected units, repair typically costs significantly less than full replacement. On average, repairing blown or misted double glazing can save you up to 70% of the cost of replacing the entire unit. This represents substantial savings for homeowners and business owners seeking an affordable solution to restore the efficiency of their windows.

Trust the Professionals to repair your double glazing

When it comes to window repairs, it is crucial to rely on the expertise of professional repair services in Brighton and Hove or throughout Sussex.

Our qualified technicians possess the necessary knowledge and experience to assess and diagnose various window issues accurately. They use specialized tools and techniques to repair and replace damaged components, ensuring high-quality workmanship.

Our professional repair services prioritize customer satisfaction, providing reliable and efficient repairs that meet your specific needs. We offer tailored solutions based on the type of window, extent of damage, and individual requirements.

Professional double glazing window repairs play a vital role in maintaining the functionality, security, and aesthetics of your windows. Trust our repair services if you live around Brighton and Hove  – we specialize in addressing common issues such as blown double glazing, patio or french doors, window locks, window hinges, and window handles. By entrusting your window repairs to skilled technicians, you can ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and visual appeal for your property.

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Client Testimonials

“Terry very quickly was able to identify the problem with both and with a few adjustments they were sorted. Terry was professional and friendly.
Hannah Lines

“Could not recommend Sussex Glazing Solutions enough. Their prices and promptness is second to none. Really amazing quality of work!”
Jennifer Malpass

“I am hugely grateful for Sussex Glazing Solutions. Their ongoing support and incredible level of quality of work is outstanding. Highly recommend them!”
Robert Westley

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Can you fix condensation in double glazing?

Yes you can! 

Rather than replace your windows, a fix is the more affordable solution. You can place a heater or dehumidifier next to the window to remove the condensation. However, for a long-term permanent fix, you need it professionally repaired.

Can double glazed windows be re gassed?

Yes. As professional window and double-glazing repairers we can re-gas a blown unit. This is a case of adding more argon back into the space between the panes and sealing of any leaks which may have caused the issue in the first instance.

How can you tell if double glazing has blown?

The most common sign of a blown double glazed unit in most cases is condensation or mist between the panes of the unit.

Is there a way to get moisture out of a double-pane window?

Use of silica or dehumidifiers can work to remove the moisture and condensation from a double glazed window unit. However, getting them fixed by our team of professionals is the best option. 


And cheaper than having them replaced!

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