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Blown double glazing repairs
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We provide professional Blown Double Glazing and window repairs.

From blown double glazing or misted patio doors to upgrading your glass.

Window in Brighton and hove showing need of blown double glazing repairs. Misted window with condensation obscuring the view

Trust the Professionals for Your Blown double glazing Repairs

Dealing with blown double glazing? We totally understand the frustration. It’s a common challenge for homeowners, and when those seals on your double glazing decide to give up, moisture finds its way in. What follows? Condensation, fogging, and, worst of all, visible water droplets. It’s more than just an eyesore; it’s a sign that your windows are losing their thermal mojo, and your heating bills might start doing a happy dance, spiraling upwards.

But here’s the good news: we’re here to tackle that blown double glazing issue head-on. It’s not just about restoring the visual appeal of your home (though that’s a bonus). It’s a smart financial move too. Opting for repairs instead of a full window replacement is a budget-friendly choice. Act swiftly, and not only will your home look great again, but you’ll also enjoy enhanced insulation and reduced energy costs — all without the hefty price tag of brand-new windows.

What’s more, choosing to repair instead of replacing is a green choice. It’s like giving Mother Earth a little high-five. Less waste, more resource conservation — it’s a win for your wallet and the planet. So, consider us your go-to team for fixing that blown double glazing. We’re not just about repairs; we’re about making your home cozy, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. Let’s get your windows back in tip-top shape!

Penny Dodds
Penny Dodds
Quick, reliable, efficient, great communication. Would highly recommend. Terry serviced and replaced double glazing window locks that had failed.
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker
Great service and super fast response. Thanks so much! Would definitely use again and have already recommended to friends.
Sylwia Wojda
Sylwia Wojda
Great work! Really detailed! Very clean job as well! Im extremely happy. Terry is very helpful and polite. Professional advice given ! Super A++++
Jenni Bond
Jenni Bond
Outstanding service and workmanship! From my first interaction with Terry through to completion of the work I found Terry to be knowledgable, professional, and a pleasure to deal with. He was prompt, informative, and offered an incredibly fair price for the great job he did. I would highly recommend!
Terry did a great job replacing a big sliding glass door on the front of my garden room. He was courteous, efficient and the job was perfect. Many thank.
lesley deeley
lesley deeley
Terry was very professional and stayed in contact with myself and tenant arranging visits and completing job in a very timely way. Would highly recommend
Amy Hood
Amy Hood
Would highly recommend. Tradesmen, as they should be! Thank you.
Isabel Hunt
Isabel Hunt
Professional, Terry went out of his way to accommodate a time suitable to me.
Tracey Richardson
Tracey Richardson
Great service from Terry - recommended to us and was quick to provide a quote which was very good value. Terry came yesterday and fitted 3 new window panes in our conservatory - very clean installation and done professionally and courteously - would 100% recommend.
Jenny Hirst
Jenny Hirst
Terry was very professional in helping replace blown windows and fix my window locks. I am very happy with all the work he completed and was very friendly, punctual and tidy.

Condensation inside the panes?

Build up of water inside the double glazing?

Staining inside your windows?

These are signs that your window or doors have blown.

Dealing with blown double glazing can feel like discovering a leaky umbrella in a rainstorm. It’s a common woe for homeowners, and when those seals on your double glazing decide to throw in the towel, moisture waltzes in. What follows is like a subtle rebellion — condensation, fogging, and the ultimate betrayal, visible water droplets. It’s not just a visual hiccup; it’s a signal that your windows might be throwing a party for heat loss, and your heating bills could start tap-dancing their way up.

Now, here’s the silver lining in those water droplets. We’re the go-to company for blown double glazing repairs. Picture it like this: you get all the benefits of brand-new windows without the hefty price tag. Your home regains its charming look, and you’ll enjoy improved insulation, which translates to lower energy costs.

Choosing repair over replacement is not just friendly on your wallet but also on the environment. 

So, what’s the process like?

Diagnosing the Dilemma

When you notice condensation, water build-up, or staining inside your windows, it’s our cue to step in. We assess the extent of the blown double glazing, identifying the affected panes without tossing out perfectly good frames.

Energy Efficiency Boost

Blown double glazing often results in compromised insulation. By opting for repairs, you’re not just saving money; you’re also contributing to better energy efficiency. Your heating and cooling systems will thank you.

Precision Repairs

No need to wave goodbye to your frames! Our skilled technicians dive into repairing the double glazing panes. This could involve measures like replacing the affected unit, banishing the condensation, and bidding farewell to the foggy appearance.

Savings Galore

Let’s talk money. Repairing blown double glazing is a budget-friendly choice compared to the cost of installing entirely new windows. It’s like a financial hug for your home.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Functionality

Once the repairs are done, your windows aren’t just back to looking splendid; they’re also operating with newfound grace. Closing them doesn’t feel like a wrestling match, and you won’t find mysterious water worlds inside.

Environmentally good too

Repairing instead of replacing is a green move. It reduces the demand for new materials and minimizes the environmental impact. So, your choice isn’t just practical; it’s environmentally conscious.


Benefits of Professional Blown double glazing Repairs

Opting for professional blown double glazing repair offers numerous benefits that contribute to the overall performance and aesthetics of your windows.

Restore Comfort and Efficiency:

Blown Double Glazing Repairs" Description: Don't let foggy or condensation-filled windows dampen your home's comfort. Our blown double glazing repair service swiftly addresses seal failures, restoring your windows' insulation and energy efficiency

Affordable Solutions for Blown Double Glazing

Why incur the expense of replacing entire window units when you can opt for cost-effective repairs? Our blown double glazing repair service offers a budget-friendly alternative, preserving both your home's aesthetics and your wallet.

"Environmentally Conscious Home Maintenance

Minimize waste and conserve resources with our environmentally friendly blown double glazing repair service. By opting to repair rather than replace, you're making a sustainable choice that reduces your carbon footprint.

Expert Solutions for Blown Double Glazing

Trust our skilled technicians to revitalize your windows with precision blown double glazing repairs. From diagnosing seal failures to restoring insulation, we deliver top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.


  • Certainly! Blown double glazing is a common issue where the seals on double glazing units fail, leading to moisture seeping between the glass panes. The good news is that this doesn't necessitate a full window replacement. Professional repair services specialize in addressing blown double glazing. The process typically involves replacing the affected double glazing panes and restoring or replacing the seals. This targeted repair not only resolves the issue but is also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to getting new windows.
  • Absolutely, repairing double glazing is often well worth it. The decision to repair or replace depends on the extent of the damage. If the issue is limited to blown double glazing—where the seals have failed—opting for repairs is a sensible choice. It's cost-effective, addressing the specific problem without the need for a complete window replacement. This not only saves money but also contributes to sustainability by reducing waste. Additionally, repairing double glazing can restore the energy efficiency of your windows, ensuring optimal insulation and potentially lowering your energy bills in the long run.
  • Several signs can indicate that your double glazing has blown. Condensation forming between the glass panes, a noticeable build-up of water, or staining within the window are clear indicators. These issues are caused by the failure of the seals, allowing moisture to penetrate the space between the glass. If you observe any of these signs, it's advisable to seek professional assistance for an accurate assessment and timely blown double glazing repairs.
  • Yes, double glazed windows can be re-gassed. Over time, the gas between the glass panes that contributes to insulation (usually argon or krypton) may deplete. This can lead to a decrease in energy efficiency. Re-gassing involves injecting the appropriate gas back into the space between the panes. It's a viable option if the window itself is in good condition, and the issue is primarily the loss of the insulating gas. However, it's crucial to consult with a professional to assess whether re-gassing is the most suitable solution for your specific situation.

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